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How to Embed Your Brand in Back to School Planning for Parents & Kids

By on March 23, 2017
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Are you ready for the 2nd biggest retail holiday of the year?

For many apparel, technology and CPG companies, back to school is the 2nd biggest retail holiday of the year.  This is great news for sales, right?

Unfortunately, we all know it isn’t that simple anymore. Changing consumer behaviors, growing competition and an extended shopping season means you need the right marketing plan to truly WIN back to school.

So what do we know? There are a lot of studies done on the back to school shopping season every year that tell us:

  • Consumers are Price Sensitive
  • There are Multiple Stakeholders – Moms, Dads, Kids & Grandparents
  • Consumers are Influenced by Digital & Social Media
Wondering how your brand can truly embed itself in the back to school mindset and shopping season?

One option to consider in your marketing plan is that almost every youth group or team regularly does fundraising efforts or seeks sponsorships.  That means your brand has a chance to be a part of the team and truly build a meaningful connection with the parents and their kids by supporting these needs through your advertising.

#1: Join in the Back to School Planning

Groups are forming and seeking sponsorship support during the same peak shopping period.

#2: Use Groups to Engage All Stakeholders

Reach moms, dads, grandparents, and kids (13+) as they all join-in to support the group’s sponsorship.

#3: Stay Top of Mind All Season Long

Consumers spend 8+ hours a week on average involved in their children’s groups and teams.

#4: Overcome Price Sensitivity with Brand Love

Create a meaningful connection with consumers by supporting something that’s relevant, personal and important in their life.

#5: Only Pay for Results

Select the digital and social actions that match your marketing objectives and only pay for completed engagements to ensure all of your marketing dollars are working dollars.

With Pear, brands go straight to the source. Advertise digitally to groups and teams all school season long in a way that is accountable to your marketing goals and that helps youth groups and teams earn the funds they need.

Contact us to see how your brand can win this back to school season by advertising on Pear.

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