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12 Thoughts on Team Productivity

By on November 29, 2016
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Gathering your team and helping them work together should be natural and easy. Make projects and teamwork feel like an accomplishment by following these 12 helpful tips.


1. Create Clear Goals That Emphasize Each Person’s Importance and Contribution: Having a common vision is important. So is making it clear to all members what their purpose is and how they can fulfill it.


2. Make Sure Team Members Have Time to Laugh and Bond: Working together is built on the little moments: the jokes, the successes and even the failures. Allow group members some time to experience significant times together.


3. Allow the Team to Develop a Leader: The law of respect involves seeing the contributions of each member. A leader should also show loyalty to individual team members and the group itself and possess a natural ability for leadership. Empower the team by allowing the members to choose their leader.


4. Make Sure There Is a Process to Resolve Conflicts: A successful team should have a process to address problems such as a tight deadline or an insensitive remark.


5. Visualize Ideas: Give groups the time, space and tools to showcase their ideas. Methods can range from brainstorming sessions and quick sketches to PowerPoint presentations and talks.


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6. Encourage Team Members to Think as a Unit: If you see group members doing things that will undermine the group, work to redirect them toward the team’s shared goal.


7. Use Collaborative Technology to Foster Connections: Create an online space or group chat for group members so they can stay connected and share thoughts as they arise.


8. Make Sure All Members Can Take Constructive Criticism: Make sure that group members know that constructive criticism is a way of helping one another do the best job possible.


9. Avoid Politics: Workplace and party politics can cause tempers to flare. Create an atmosphere where all members can contribute.


10. Update One Another on a Regular Basis: A group makes more progress when members are aware of one another’s accomplishments. Make sure updates occur in a regular, timely manner and achievements are celebrated.


11. Be Fair: Ensure that all members are treated equally and workloads are proportionate.


12. Encourage Experienced Individuals to Share Their Knowledge of Rules and Company Culture: Team members who have been with the company longer are role models for those who are recent hires. Ask more experienced group members to set an example and guide the team toward success.


What works best for you in a team environment?

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