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Fun Fundraising Ideas – Part 2

By on September 12, 2016
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It can be hard to get out of the rut of the same fundraisers over and over again. This makes it more difficult to enjoy the process of fundraising, as well as getting other people enthused to help you out. If you have already done a Pear sponsorship to help out and are still craving more unique fundraisers after our Part 1, here are some new fundraising ideas for different group types!


Non Profits


The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to fundraising for non profits. Even doing a fundraiser themed to different non profit types could give you an idea of a direction to go. However, even the most seasoned professionals might develop fundraising fatigue, or donor fatigue if you rely on corporate sponsorship. But switching things up might give some relief to the weary who might need some new ideas for funding sources.


Other non profit fundraising ideas: Google Grants, 5k run/walk, partner or affiliate programs, battle of the bands, restaurant or bar night where a portion of tips go to a cause, auction, raffle, fashion show, trivia night



Mud Runs


Mud runs and obstacle course races are one of the most fun, and certainly most messy, ways to push and enjoy yourself and forge team bonds. It’s like a more extreme version of a 5k run/walk. However, if you’re doing the mud run yourself, participating in one for a cause, or need shirts for your team, you could try and kick it up a notch even more with some supplementary fundraising.


Other mud run fundraising ideas: business donation, matching gifts, company to sponsor, workplace donation jar, mud wrestling betting, scavenger hunt





Camps can be expensive to run, so allocating money for extra supplies, camp shirts, or operation costs can be stressful.  Enjoy your carefree summer days by paying less out of pocket and spending more time enjoying the outdoors with the funds you raise.


Other camp fundraiser ideas: pay what you want classes, on-site events like a movie night, car wash, barbecue, spaghetti night and/or dessert auction, talent show, silent auction




Class Reunion


Whether you’ve been looking forward to it or not, class reunions are an inevitable gathering that you will either plan yourself or be invited to. It is important for the event to be as fun and exciting as it can be so as many people show up as possible, but sometimes it doesn’t all fit in the budget. To make it as fantastic a memory as you can, here are ideas to get some extra money in to fund your class reunion:


Other class reunion fundraiser ideas: raffle/silent auction, cookbook, calendar, dodgeball or other sport competition, garage sale, pancake breakfast, create a class reunion website




Have any other ideas for creative fundraisers that haven’t been mentioned yet? Let us know!

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