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Fun Fundraising Ideas – Part 1

By on April 26, 2016
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Tired of the traditional fundraising methodology? Or have you not even fundraised yet and pay for your group or team’s expenses and apparel out of pocket? If you haven’t hopped on Pear yet, or if you have and want some more inspiration, here are some groups and events that may enjoy switching it up from the norm and need some creative and easy fundraising ideas.



We’ll start with a group typically well versed on this subject. Everyone knows the endless year after year cycle of school fundraisers, many times assisted by the PTO, of selling foodstuff or merchandise. Then you, or your child, try to convince friends and neighbors that they need some extra candy or trinkets in their lives. And in the end, only part of the profits are kept. This cycle has gone on for decades and the pull to want to try something new can creep up over time.


Instead of trying to hone your pitch to get people to buy things from you, you don’t even have to leave the chair you’re most likely sitting on right now. A more updated online approach, with no money asking involved, can be found in EHS Choir Bell’s example by making a quick and simple flyer to share and send out to announce their Pear.


Other school fundraiser ideas: bake sale, car wash, outdoor movie night, trivia tournament, talent show, school fair



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Family Reunion

How much are you spending on your family reunion? They can be pricey to run, and you might have to make decisions of what to cut from the party to fit the budget. But what would a family reunion be if you couldn’t show a little family pride with matching shirts, koozies, or hats? Why not matching sweatpants? Have some friendly competition and make team t-shirts. Or make a touching metaphor about always coming together and being protected under the umbrella of family and make a real family umbrella for everyone.


Family reunions can be stressful, but having something as simple as shirts can help unite the group and make everyone feel part of something together.


Other family reunion fundraising ideas: raffles, banquet, garage sale, make a family cookbook



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Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Wedding season is upon us. Which means the precursors, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, are here. While they are a blast, and perhaps more fun than the actual weddings themselves, you know what’s not fun? Paying for them.


It can be a struggle to get everyone on the same page for what to do, where to go, and which decorations and accessories to buy, based on interests and finances. Get shirts for your squad for free and take the financial burden off of peoples’ minds while celebrating.


Other bachelor and bachelorette fundraising ideas: casino party fundraisers, poker tournament, bowling night, fundraising theme party



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County or State Fairs

The quintessential summer sensory experience consisting of the smell of fried food, sound of screaming children, rows of livestock, and sunburn are a hallmark of many states’ and counties’ summer fun. But rarely is it thought of how much it takes to set up.


Volunteers are the critical lifeblood of many county and state fairs. Budgets can be tight and tensions can be high. Getting shirts for the volunteers can help, or money towards donation for bettering the fair itself.


Or if you’re not part of the planning committee and going as a group outing, you can commemorate your group’s experience and get matching shirts, perhaps with a message declaring to the world what weird food you ate at the state fair.


Small town fairs and parades can struggle as well. Coming from a small town in southeastern Wisconsin with roughly 2,000 people and a yearly celebration centered around frogs, I know it can be hard to fund these events since you’re pulling in from a smaller pool of resources. All funds are appreciated and it can be difficult to branch out and find new methods of fundraising.


Other county fair fundraising ideas: car show, ice cream social, auctions, resale event



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Benefit Run/Walk, 5k, Etc.

More often than not, benefit runs or walks already have corporate sponsors. But what about the participants and teams that sign up for the events? One way to show your solidarity for a cause and to your team is to make team shirts to wear as you make your movement towards the finish line. Whether it’s a run, walk, relay, obstacle course, or charity dragon boat race, you can be assured you’ll be matching in style. Or come together as a team and see what other extra activities you can do to raise as much money as possible to donate to the cause.


Other fundraising ideas for running participants: Do a dare for money, ask family and friends, make a competition between team members for who can raise the most, burger night fundraiser



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Theater and Drama Club

Having a best friend in theater growing up, I’ve seen the extensive array of cast shirts she’s acquired over the years to remember her contribution to the various shows she’s been in. Long after the final curtain call, the memory of the show is still there. If it’s a school production, community theater, or if you’re involved in theatre or the theater, getting cast shirts for all those involved can be exciting . Donations towards making the set or tech are also welcomed and can be useful to taking the production to the next level.


Other theater and drama club fundraising ideas: Benefit concert, auction for best seats, sell or auction old props and costumes, playbill ads, benefit dinner, haunted trails


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What other creative fundraisers have you done or heard about? Let us know and they may be added to Fun Fundraising Ideas – Part 2!

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    June 26, 2016

    This site is so helpful when building funds for any project…


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